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Mid week Weld Trip

River Name: Weld + Huon River Level: 0.68 at Tahune, 0.9 at Judbury Number of Participants: 6 Trip Report: We met at the sheds and discussed options for the day, as we weren’t sure about the water levels. When I last checked in the morning, Tahune Bridge was at 0.57. As all of us were […]

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Nik’s Styx Break

River Name: Lower Styx River Level: 1.17m Number of Participants: 5   Trip Report: The Styx trip started pretty early. The Styx has a bit of a walk-in and we wanted to allow time for that (we had no idea just how much of a walk-in we’d have, but we’ll get to that later). The sun was just […]

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Surf Rafting 14/04

Beach: Goat’s Beach Swell: 1 to 1.5 metres Number of Participants: 6 Trip Report: We met at the sheds at a little past 8 and got ready lightning fast. Something about having a small group who know what they’re doing makes packing gear very easy and fast. Inflating the rafts we learned that just because […]

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Huon River Intro Trip 16/3/19

River: Huon at Judbury River level: 0.75 – low Number of Participants: 22 Trip Report: It took us a bit longer to get packed and ready in the morning than it really should, a symptom I think of most of us still being half asleep. We did eventually get moving though and meet in Huonville, […]

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Intro Trip 2

River Name: Derwent River Level: Low Number of Participants: 29 Trip Report: What a great day! James was already all over the organisation when I arrived at the sheds with my second carload of rafters. With plenty of willing hands we got the gear stowed and everyone organised super fast, with only a slight delay while I worked […]

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First Intro Trip of 2019

River Name: Derwent River Level: Low Number of Participants: 7 Trip Report: It was a nice relaxed start to the day, we packed the gear in no great hurry and got to the Derwent at about 10. It was already starting to get quite warm so we were all grateful to get out on to the water where frequent […]

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Weld River 1/10/16

Weld River 1/10/16 Trip Level 3 Participants – 12   Start Raining really heavily and seems like it’s going to be a cold miserable day. Sought of hope it’ll rain out but then realise thats impossible. Get to the sheds at 8AM and let the other people do all the hard work and spend time doing […]

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Farmhouse Creek to Top Bridge (Picton)

River Name: River Level: 1.25 @ Farmhouse Creek Number of Participants: 6 (1 raft, 3 kayaks) Trip Report: Having arranged collection of the key to the gates on the way to the put in with Parks and Wildlife, Huonville, a smaller than expected group set off to run this picturesque section of river. From the end of the […]

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