Meet your new committee!

Thanks everyone who showed up at the AGM last Friday; it was quite possibly the best turnout we’ve had for a while, with lots of new, enthusiastic faces (as opposed to familiar, enthusiastic ones of course). We also conducted all business in just under an hour, so I’m glad we delivered on our no-faff promise ;)

Say hi to the vibrant, talented team of passionate rafters who will be taking the club to greater heights this season:

Campbell Baxter

Vice President & Training Officer
Rowan Ellery

Mahalia White-McColl

James Barnes

Media Officer
Stacy Deppeler

Social Officer
Freyja Bossard

Gear Officer
Toby Reid

You’ll be able to reach them at their respective [post] email addresses, but as always, we welcome general enquiries at

If you missed out on the meeting, you can peruse the minutes (PDF 284 KB), which contains the president’s, treasurer’s and gear officer’s reports. The website does not currently have the capability to attach pizza to pdf files, so you’ll just have to come to the next meeting to get some ;)

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