Welcome to your new Executive Committee!

Wow what a great AGM we had last night! It’s always so invigorating to listen to our members who have so many great ideas for our club. Thanks so much to those of our members who attended and be assured that I have noted down your suggestions and our new Executive Committee are super keen to put them into action.

So, lets welcome our new Executive Committee members for 2015:

President – Toby Reid
Vice President (Gear) – Will Percey
Vice President (Social) – Bex Dunn
Secretary – Mei Yi Leow
Treasurer – Sui Ching Phung
Training Officer – Kath Maher
Media Relations – Stacy Deppeler
Hang On!! – Emma Haley (with the assistance of Nick Ward)

Everyone on the Executive Committee this year has been a member of the rafting club for many years and we have a wealth of experience to make sure you have a great year of rafting and fun. In the coming week I will act upon one key recommendation from the AGM and provide photos and contact details of our executive members in our members-only section so that you can contact any of us when you need to. Of course you can always send us an email through the Contact Us page as well.

We also made some important changes to our constitution to update it for 2015 and the way the club functions today. Once those changes have been implemented I will put a copy up for our members to access.

There was vigorous and enthusiastic discussion at the AGM last night about our website and I’m very encouraged to hear that our members have lots of great ideas on how to make the website useful for them. I’ll be acting upon this list in the coming months to try and add lots of useful information and options for you. I am always keen to get feedback and suggestions on the website so keep them coming!

May the rest of the year be filled with late-week rain and weekend rafting trips!

Stacy Deppeler (Media Relations Officer)

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