Brady’s Lake, weekend of mayhem 6-7/02/2016

Level – 21,19 CUMECS

WE MADE IT!! Once again the rafting club managed to scrape through the course without serious injury. We decided to bring a different arsenal of boats this trip and soon found that our choice of a little blue hull Sotar was a bit of a mistake. With only three people in the boat we flipped on the very top hole of the course and after a successful rescue of the crew and the raft we decided to skip the cruncher and move on.

After many more runs including a close call on the cruncher in an angel rain the water was shut off and it was time to settle down for the night. Once again Rowan amazed me with his amazing culinary abilities making a meal out of dried peas and instant mash potato, which I can tell you now was disgusting.

The second day broke and with more people and slightly less water (as all the hydro technicians seem to have differing opinions on what 21cumecs is) we set off. This day went off without a hitch and hopefully was enjoyed by all.

For those who haven’t rafted Brady’s I highly recommend it, it is on the upper end of grade 3 and is super fun. Plus, you can tick it off your T-Shirt


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  1. Toby Reid February 16, 2016 at 11:27 PM #

    Mate if Rowan’s concoctions for dinner were anything like his tinned chilli beef magic on the swiftwater course last year…. I feel your pain… In the most unpleasantly fragrant way! Sounds like an awesome weekend! ;)

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