First Intro Trip of 2019

River Name: Derwent

River Level: Low

Number of Participants: 7

Trip Report: It was a nice relaxed start to the day, we packed the gear in no great hurry and got to the Derwent at about 10. It was already starting to get quite warm so we were all grateful to get out on to the water where frequent swimming was key. After running through the basics with the fresh faces we set a gentle pace paddling down the river. As is always the case when the water is smooth and the weather is warm, it wasn’t long before shenanigans broke out.

I utterly failed in my first attempt to throw everyone out of Violet’s raft, mistiming my jump and managing to miss it from a metre away. The I was brutally betrayed by one of my own crew, giving me a sharp push as I tried to climb back in. Frankly I don’t think “I owed you one” and “You had it coming” are valid excuses, but I was outvoted.

At about midday the really hot winds started blowing. Every gust of wind was like when you open the oven to see how badly your cake isn’t rising. The people wearing wetsuits started to really feel the heat, poor things. Those of us who’d planned ahead a little more were still struggling though with the blazing sun on skin, so I couldn’t be too smug.

After stopping for snacks and a swim under the Derwent’s little waterfall spot, we did a bit of surfing in the rapids and I was really happy, we pulled it off really well, getting the raft so stable in the flow we had to put a bit of effort into getting back out of the eddy!

We got to the slalom course and did some nice ferrying back and forth, practicing some solid rafting skills. Water was a bit low so the standing waves weren’t as exciting as they can be, but that made it easier to swim. We hung around there for some time, sharing the water with a couple of kayakers and had a few good swims, all deliberate.

packing up and heading home we were time-conscious (someone had to go to work) so instead of the traditional fush ‘n’ chups we grabbed pizza on the way back, having our snack back at the sheds while packing up. It was a great day overall, I look forward to seeing everyone back on the water as soon as we can manage it!


Award Nominations: The Great Memory of All Time award for Violet, who managed to leave her car keys behind during the car shuffle.

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