Weld River 1/10/16

Weld River 1/10/16

Trip Level 3

Participants – 12



Raining really heavily and seems like it’s going to be a cold miserable day. Sought of hope it’ll rain out but then realise thats impossible.

Get to the sheds at 8AM and let the other people do all the hard work and spend time doing menial tasks and looking busy.


Trip up

On the trip up to the Weld, Shaun, Marcus Micah and myself discuss topics sophisticated topics such as the effects of plastics on the ocean and the need for corporate social responsibility and things such as “why should you do assignments at the last minute?” and “what is a cheese made backwards? – Edam (thanks Micah).



Weld river was fast moving and had a no. of exciting and challenging rapids before flattening out at the end.

Favourite bit – getting stuck at the same bit on the exact same log, the raft before us got stuck on

Least favourite bit – lack of toilet facilities on the raft


Other things of note

Campbell ninja dunking Grady when he was educating me Micah and Marcus on what to do if we ever find ourselves trapped in a weir (still didn’t get hair wet).
Shaun trying to ‘help’ Freyja go for a swim



Overall a great experience and something I’d want to do again some time. Thanks for Freyja for organising the trip and the other guides for taking us along

Shoutout for Marcus for loaning me a dollar so I could buy an apple juice.



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