Crossing Gorge Paddle + South Coast Track Walk

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Date(s) - 26/12/2018 - 08/01/2019
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Rafting Sheds

This is a truely epic river that very few people get to see. This is due to the remote nature of the trip and the difficulty of walking in and then getting out again. People coming on the trip need to be very fit and have some reasonable outdoors experience. For that reason I’m reserving the right to pick people based on their experience and skills.

People will have the option of flying out at the end of the trip or walking out via the South Coast Track (which is what I’ll be doing). Likewise if anyone wants to only join in on the South Coast walk they are more than welcome to tag along for that part of the trip!

Given we have to walk in we will be using lightweight 3 person Incept rafts. This limits us to 4 inexperienced participant and two guides. That said If we have more guides who are keen we can take some packrafts which would be ideal for a trip like this. I may be able to lend some out for the trip.


Trip Costs: (short answer, $400 – $900 per person depending).


We will hire a van to transport us to the get in. We need to pay for a boat to pick us up and get us to Melaleuca. Depending on the number of people and the cost of these things I would expect the trip to cost around $300-$600 per person not including flights out (which people will need to book themselves and which cost $300).

If you are walking out instead of flying out we’ll need to hire a van at the end to get us back to Hobart. Depending on the options this could cost $50 – $100 per person.

I will be doing all of the catering and provide the food for the trip. This will cost $20 per person per day.

Tarps/Shelter will be provided along with utensils etc.

This all sounds pretty vague but basically we’ll just have to work it out when I know how many people we will have along and how cheaply I can get boat pickup sorted for.


Gear List: (many things may be borrowed so get in touch if concerned)


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Mat

Clothes for walking and on river

Dry warm clothes for camp

Bushwalking shoes (preferably boots and gaiters, there will be a lot of deep mud)

River shoes

Personal hygiene items

Hat/sun protection

A good hiking pack (large capacity).




Day 1 (26th of December)

Leave early, drive to Scotts Peak Dam, walk 9km along the Port Davey track to Junction Creek. If it is getting too late we will camp here. Ideally we would push on further.

Day 2 (27th of December)

Walk to the get in point on the Crossing river. This is around 15km from Junction creek and includes a river crossing were we will probably need to inflate rafts.

Day 3 (28th of December)

Paddle the entire Crossing gorge, undoubtable one of the most stunning gorges in Tasmania, in my opinion second only to the Gordon Gorge. There are two major portages and plenty of class 3 whitewater. Overall some great rapids and incredible scenery. The crossing river joins the Davey River and all things going to plan we will camp on a small island on the Davey.

Day 4 (29th of December)

Paddle the Davey river, largely flat water with the occasional rapid and some amazing scenery. Camp at Settlement Point, a beautiful beachside campsite.

Day 5 (30th of December)

Day of rest/relaxation. Settlement Point is a nice beachside location to spend the day. I want to have a day in reserve in the off chance things take longer than expected (which is entirely possible).

Day 6 (31st of December)

Catch a boat from Settlement Point to Melaleuca. The rafting trip will end here. People have the option of either flying out back to hobart (flights cost $300) or walking out via the South Coast Track which is the option I will be taking. This walk will take 7 days and is one of the most incredible walks in Tasmania. For those flying out there is the possibility of being back in hobart today. That said weather can impact flights so be prepared for an extra night in Melaleuca worst case scenario. We will probably meet some people from the bushwalking club who will fly in to walk out with us which will be fun!

Day 7 – 13 (1st – 7th of January)

Walk the South Coast Track to Cockle Creek!

Day 14 (8th of January)

Get picked up from Cockle Creek and drive back home to Hobart. For those who’ve done the rafting trip and the walk this will mark the end of 13 days of epic adventure!


Any questions let me know! Closer to the date for the trip I will get in touch with interested people with more details. For that reason if you are interested in coming please let me know asap!


Trip Leader – James Barnes

Email jb3.14159265@gmail.com

Phone – 0406012364 (please email me first, I’m often out of phone reception)


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  • James Barnes
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3 Responses to Crossing Gorge Paddle + South Coast Track Walk

  1. Sam Harris February 15, 2018 at 8:51 PM #

    Will we be using smaller rafts / carrying them or using bigger ones and having them flown out?

    • Sam Harris February 15, 2018 at 8:52 PM #

      Sorry, just saw the answer.

      • James Barnes February 19, 2018 at 11:13 AM #

        All good, the rafts and the paddling gear will be flown out at Melaleuca and food for the people walking will be flown in to minimise the amount of weight we need to carry. That said at this point I am looking at possibility of buying a boat, if that is the case I may use that to transport the rafts out to save money.

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