Mersey with Brady’s Surprise 30/11/18-02/12/18

River Name:¬†Mersey and Brady’s

Number of Participants: 6

Trip Report: We left Hobart and completely accidentally took the back road North. This turned out to be a very happy accident, since we got the opportunity to swing past Brady’s and check out the flow. Flow was very good. We modified our plans from two days of Mersey to one day there then a day of Brady’s.

We eventually got to Arm River camp at around 11, having had to slow right down from wildlife trying to injure Rowan’s car. We stepped then into the absolute lap of luxury. Couch in front of the fire, kitchen fully kitted out to heat us up some curry, hot showers and comfy bunks. What a place!

At the crack of a bit after eight the others sluggishly clawed their way out of bed to join me for breakfast, then we headed to the get in point. Seconds later we were at the river (Arm River camp is so good) and with the arrival of the Venturers we hit the river. Being my first time on there though I wasn’t ready for the get-out point, so my raft flew past it at full speed. We were loudly encouraged to pull in, which we just managed and now I apparently hold some sort of record for latest recovery for the Mersey. Gotta win something I guess! We had an early finish that day and got back to camp at around six for food, a quick theory lesson and crack open some beverages.

The next day we cleaned up the accommodation and set off for Brady’s. Hoo boy was there some good flow. Plus the water was surprisingly warm, offsetting the cool breeze. We built up to a full run gradually, running the lower section several times to sharpen us up, then moving further up the river a couple of times before fully taking on the full run. It was bloody fantastic and I don’t think I’ll need to drink water for a few days, foolishly having left my mouth open during our first trip through the big stopper above The Cruncher. We all enjoyed getting on some thoroughly exciting water and having our skills and grip tested. Celebratory Tim-Tams were passed around, then we headed back to Hobart after an excellent weekend.

Thanks very much to Rowan for driving us and all the gear up, as well as booking the accommodation and getting the last minute details organised. Thanks also to Hans for being there as an experienced guide and holding the throw bag for our Brady’s runs (pretty sure he was a touch annoyed he didn’t need to use it).

Award Nominations:

Rowan: Road Warrior

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