The Lowdown on General Meeting #1

There goes another weekend… and what a beautiful one it was! Hope you all got a chance to enjoy the last of the sunshine before winter well and truly sets in.

For most of us, it’s going to be another five more sleeps before we can get on river again. While you’re warm and dry, why not take a moment to share some of your photos and stories from last week’s trips? Get it on the website so we can all reminisce about the good times together :)

Anyway, it has transpired that not everyone on the website mailing list has been getting their emails (and what a pity too, because I thought they were all high quality, entertaining compositions). If you’re one of these people, please please please oh dear God tell us, otherwise it won’t get fixed because we can’t tell at our end. Until we sort out what’s going on, I want to make sure you all stay in the loop, one way or another.

So, the most important email I sent out last week relates to the outcomes from General Meeting #1. For the full breakdown, check out the minutes. It includes stuff like what gear we’re going to spend your money on this year, upcoming website improvements, and the club’s refund policy.

Minutes – General Meeting 1 050515



This information is being made available to you because the club is a democracy, so as a member, your feedback is always welcome. But here’s what we most want to hear back from you about:

1. First aid course & swiftwater course

No doubt you signed up to the rafting club because we know how to show people a hell of a good time, but many of you (particularly those planning to rise up the guide ranks) want to upskill as well. If we get enough interest, it will become feasible for us to arrange for a first aid course (date/cost/venue TBA), and also send a few people to complete the Tas TAFE Swiftwater Rescue Course. $100 subsidies for the swiftwater course are available to selected applicants. To apply, email with a short paragraph describing your contributions to the club and how the swiftwater course will help you make more.

2. 2015 Australian Rafting Federation Nationals Competition

This year’s rafting nationals will be held in Tully, QLD (date TBA). We’re looking to put together a team so we head North to kick some serious rafting butt and maybe bring home some glory.

3. Guides & Trainee Guides contacts list

To make trip planning easier, we’re going to list contact details of guides and trainee guides on the website. Being on this list is completely voluntary, and it’s up to you whether you want to give us your phone number and/or email. Be aware that only paid members who are logged in to the website can view this list, and they will be able to use those details to contact you to ask if you’re willing to guide on a trip. You can request to be added to or taken off the list at any time.

i-volunteer hunger games

So, if you’re interested in taking part in the first aid course, swiftwater course or nationals, let me know by email at The sooner you respond, the sooner we can start organising enrolments! FYI at this stage we’re just trying to get an idea of the numbers we might get, so don’t feel like we’re pressuring you to commit before we have all the details.

If you want to be on the contacts list, email me with your name, preferred contact detail(s) and location.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for updates, and give us a shout if you’re not getting any emails you’re supposed to.



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