Welcome for 2016!!! (Be gone El Nino!!!)

Hello One and All!

The Tasmania University Whitewater Rafting Club welcomes you for 2016!

Whether you’re seasoned club guide, a first time paddler, a part-time thrill seeker or just looking to see some Tasmananian scenery from a new perspective, the club will have something for you in 2016 and all you have to do is join in to make it happen!

We have bunch of guides of varying experience levels who are ready and raring, after one of the driest summers on record, to take you down a river for excitement, friendship, action, learning and scenery.

There will be a number of introductory trips for first time paddlers run over the next few weeks from the beginning of semester to let you try out rafting or if you’ve been before to get used to being in a boat again and build on your previous experience.

Shortly after this over the Easter weekend we will be running the notoriously shenanigan-filled and all round fun times event known as the Guide’s Course over the Easter long weekend (25th – 28th) March. If you come on the course you get to spend four days of awesomeness camped out in the wilderness with other like minded people learning how to guide rafts, lead trips, perform basic white water rescues, knot-tying and team work skills. The course is rounded out with the renowned Guide’s Course cocktail party, which in recent years has seen one of our own guide’s moonlighting as a cocktail mixer/bartender extraordinaire with some very professional and tasty results!

As the season progresses and more rain comes, so do more trips, more exciting rivers and more chances to get on river and hone your skills as a guide, or just hang on for the ride!


So join-in with us and see you on a river in 2016!

El Presidente

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