Weld-Picton 7/8 May 2016

along the Weld we rafted
we forged the rapid river
to our surprise
we lost our guide
but safe passage was still crafted

there was a lot of scouting
the river they were doubting
with much pride
we all did glide
the river gaily flauting

the daylight was long lasting
inviting onward travel
to the Picton!
we dug our fins in
and chose to go on blasting

when the light was fading
at the close of day
our clothes now damp
and by a lamp
our group dispersed away

in the night at Picton
we made our camp and dripped in
the lovely leaves
left by the trees
the cares of life went drifting

there was communal spooning
with spam, hot Deb and peas
after such a rafting
our tired souls were pleased

the questions of connection
forged a deeper bond
hearts that ache
given a place
to speak and carry on

you may never know
what transpired here
no camera phones
recorded tomes
of stories near and dear

we were serenaded
by our leader and the dark
til bed did call
then one and all
slept til morning lark

on the morning rising
the fire was relit
to warm the cold yet happy souls
to raft another trip

again on to the Picton
after packing camp
the rafting group much smaller
good fun was still in hand

a single kayak surfing
along the gushing wall
of water flowing over
the gorgeous waterfall

we splashed into each rapid
the Gorge now in our sights
straight ahead
we sailed and said
let’s try again? Alright

atmospheric music
floating through the glade
one last meal
before they peel
their suits to drive away

three rivers rafted
a lovely long weekend
the gear unpacked
by aching backs
can’t wait to go again!

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